Aeon Valley by Michael James

by Mike A. Wants

Aeon Valley by Michael James

August 8, 2014 Reviews 0

Aeon Valley is a webcomic about parallel universes and two young men getting swept up in an adventure leading them into a new world. The webcomic has existed for over a year now and is at 126 pages as of today. The comic updates every monday and friday.

As the comic is still very much at the beginning, with an interesting prolog making appetite for more, there’s not much I can say about writing and plot. Still, the comic dishes up enough mystery right from the start to make me want to read on. The swordsman that defeated a demon but now has to sit eternal vigil is an interesting premise, especially since the poor guy only has a pack of cards to keep him company.

As the art isn’t always that good, especially at the beginning of a new webcomic, Michael James can convince with great character design and nice backgrounds. The panels and the whole comic is big enough to be easily readable, which isn’t always true for webcomics. The ability to click on the comic to get the next page is a definite plus point. That you can even use the arrow keys is a convenient way too. That’s the first webcomic I’ve read using such a method and I’d like more to adapt it.

Generally, it’s a recommendation from me. As it has only 126 pages you can read it between two tasks, to take a breather for example. It doesn’t fall into the category that has to cram a lot of exposition into the beginning and so has often short and concise speech bubbles.

How good this will turn out still stands in the stars. While the art is definitely already great, the story is still not at a point where it grabs a reader totally and doesn’t let go whatever happens. As it stands, there’s not enough information yet about what and why and how. Depending on the author’s choice in progress the comic could fall both ways. I’m not really worried though. The writing ability of the creator has been proved through the good dialog and I’m certain he has some interesting plot ideas planned for us readers.

I’m not sure how much publicity the webcomic has already gotten. Judging from the followers on the feed and facebook it’s stands at the very beginning here too. It still has more than me, but maybe I can steer a few of you towards this webcomic. While the creator classifies it as Science Fiction, there are some definite fantasy parts in it, so it should appeal to all of you that like to read new webcomics now and then.

Concluding: Not much more to add. As it is right now there’s nothing stopping anyone from taking that hour it takes to read the webcomic. See for yourself if you’d like to follow this webcomic. You now have the chance to get involved from the very start. I don’t see any good reason stopping you, so I can recommend it!
Here’s the Link to the first page for some better convenience.

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