Avengers: Age of Ultron

by Mike A. Wants

Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 1, 2015 Reviews 0

A few days ago, I managed to thrum together some friends and go watch the new Avengers Movie. The trailers had been interesting enough to make me want to watch it, even though I’m not that much of a fan of the first Avengers movie. The rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) were good movies, but they couldn’t elicit real euphoria (Guardians of the Galaxy being the exception).

Still, the Marvel movies are the blockbusters of recent years and I’m looking forward to the ones coming out in the next months/years. Can’t really go around them when you like some action paired with a bit of fun.

Since I’m more of a reading type, movies aren’t my favorite kind of media, so you need to keep that in mind. I’m more interested in reading the comics than watching movies about them. I also don’t have a good enough idea of the “actual” storylines and can’t comment on how the Age of Ultron movie might break them, for the better or worse.

Note: I watched it in 2D, but I doubt there’s much reason to watch it in 3D.

It’s the story of an early Avengers Team going around on a search for Loki’s staff, the one we know from earlier movies. The movie starts of with a giant action sequence where our heroes obliterate a Hydra base. That’s the first time we get introduced to the Maximoff siblings too, as especially Wanda plays with the minds of our heroes. She’s one powerful sorceress! But in the end, the Hydra base gets destroyed (as if we’d ever doubted that). That’s were the trouble starts.

Stark and Banner use the staff to build an artificial intelligence in the hopes of building a safekeeping program for the whole world. As you will know, it doesn’t work out as intended and the Avengers have a new bad guy to smash.

The movie quickly became one of my favorite marvel movies and is second only to the great Guardians of the Galaxy. It has great action right from the start, but slows down enough to give the viewer a better view on these superheroes and their state of mind, managing to make them seem so very human. Especially the relationship of Benner/Hulk and Black Widow enhanced the movie.

Not only our heroes seem more human than in the previous movies, the same is true for the antagonist. Ultron is quite mad, his behavior erratic at times, making him less the machine, the robot, and more the flawed intelligence with visible human traits.

As with all these marvel superhero movies, it manages to be quite funny, even when the whole world seems in peril. My most favorite scene comes after the first victory, when everyone tries to use Thor’s hammer. We had a few good laughs while watching the movies, so it’s main selling points (action and funny) were well represented.

I also liked the new additions to the Avengers team. If you’ve read some comics, you’ll know who I’m talking about. They were quite likable characters and are all powerful beings in their own right.

The movie’s flaws are as with all these movies: there’s never any real danger. The movie can try to go dark, but it doesn’t manage to actual convey a feeling of threat. There’s a scene that might invalidate the aforementioned lack, but I doubt anyone believes that it will be a definite ending.

The writing is another part I’m not so convinced by. Granted, I watched it in German, but we’re quite proficient in translating media. I doubt the numerous cringe-worthy lines were simply introduced by the translation. It had many high points, but at times went very low. In these moments, the great acting clashed with the lackluster writing, which could lead to an incomprehension as to why this character would use such a line, essentially creating out-of-character moments.

Concluding: My second favorite movie in the MCU manages to elevate the Avengers franchise to a must-see for everyone interested in the marvel stories. It’s a great but somewhat light action blockbuster that can paint a smile on the faces of its viewers, with the whole cinema laughing. It’s a bit lacking in the tensions department and many scenes are predictable. If you liked the other marvel movies, you’ll love this one. And it nestled nicely into the greater MCU, with outlooks at what dangers might be looming in the future and what artifacts might play a greater role.

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