by Mike A. Wants


May 8, 2015 Reviews 0

The 13 episode Daredevil TV-Series by Netflix is the best thing to happen to superhero movies/TV. It is miles above any other similar series (most prominently Arrow and Flash) and Netflix builds a quality franchise overshadowing anything else with superheroes. This will be the series others will be weighted by and it sets a precedent that movies or series about superheroes don’t need to be unrealistic drivel winning you over with lackluster action crammed into every nook and cranny while pushing ridiculous relationship issues where grown adults appear to have been transformed into inexperienced teenagers.

Daredevil is pure quality: The action is great, the fightscenes are brilliantly choreographed, the hero is human and fallible, the writing is superb, and the villain is as deranged as he’s a victim of his own past.

I’m not that much of a fan of anything on the movie or TV screen. Writing or art in comics appeals more to me, but this series won me over the first time I saw the amazing intro. I got sucked right in into this dark world where one man tries to do what’s right and save his city. He does so much more believable than the Arrow, who gets thrown through a room into a concrete wall and sufferes nothing but some ill-acted pains he can shake off near instantly. Daredevil gets beat up and you actually see some wounds, believe him when he’s down and sruggling to get up because everything hurts so much.

That vulnerability makes him appeal much more to me than the near indestructability of the Arrow or the Flash. We’re finally seeing a hero bleed and shows you some real injuries. It’s brutal and has more in common with Game of Thrones than any other superhero series in this regard.

I’m not one to often like the lines in movies or series. Don’t get me wrong, many movies or series display genius ability to find the right lines at the right time. The majority, however, does not hold a candle to what you might read in a book. It at times goes so far as to seem borderline out of character for any human being. This series manages to draw me in with superb acting paired with lines that simply fit. No hyperbole or ridiculousness, simply great writing delivered as to make the characters seem human. At times I loved the dialog between Foggy and Karen more than the rest of the series, even the impressive fighting scenes.

The fighting choreography in this series is amongst the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve sneered at the bizzarre fighting in Arrow, where the hero is jumping around like a 16-year-old girl trying for gold in gymnastics. Or take the Flash, who seems utterly unable to make the best use of his (absolutely overpowered) abilities and runs around like a headless chicken. The fighting in Daredevil is dark and dirty, realistic (up to a point, as he’s still a superhero), and captured in brilliant takes.

┬áDaredevil is everything I want TV, and especially superheroes, to be. I love that the series will get a second season next year (hopefully all episodes released on the same day again) and am very interested to know who will be the villain this time. I have my suspection, but you never know. It’s dark and realistic, has great actors fitting into their role perfectly, the best action I’ve seen, and is a real quality work. The series is not for the squeamish, however. There are quite a few scenes that made me wince, and I’m not normally affected by something like that.

It’s a series you need to watch. Even if you might not be into superheroes. It’s on Netflix and it’s well worth to get at least a one-month subscription to watch this one series. It’s become one of my favorite (none-comedy) series and ranges easily on par with Game of Thrones for me.

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