Servant of the Crown by Brian McClellan

by Mike A. Wants

Servant of the Crown by Brian McClellan

June 20, 2014 Reviews 0

Servant of the CrownBrian McClellan, author of the Powder Mage series, has already published a couple of short stories and novellas since his debut book hit the shelves last year. A couple of days ago, the newest novella in his Powder Mage Universe was released, titled Servant of the Crown. This time the protagonist is a young Tamas and we get to see how much chance he has against Erika, the charismatic young protagonist of Forsworn, the other Novella by Brian McClellan.

Their symbiosis makes for a lot of fun, I tell you. But it’s strange to see the powerful and strong-headed Tamas in a rather weak state, getting suspended from the army and pulled into intrigues of the highest order. People don’t jump when he says anything as we’re used to seeing and I didn’t find it easy to picture a twenty-seven-years-old Tamas. Still, I had a lot of fun reading this 77-pages story. The interaction of the two main characters flow freely and I liked seeing Tamas getting the worse in interactions, being a stammering lovestruck fool at times. And then there’s the action. Oh boy did I like that! Two powerful powder mages make for a lot of explosions and damage. Especially those two are a force to be reckoned with.

Concluding: I finished the story on a laugh, because of Tamas’ mother-in-law and am utterly satisfied with the overall experience. I like seeing these additional stories about the characters and their backgrounds and will continue to read them. This story has only strengthened me in that regard.

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