Wheel of Time TV pilot episode creating a stir

by Mike A. Wants

Wheel of Time TV pilot episode creating a stir

February 15, 2015 Miscellaneous 0

Wheel of Time pilot

If you’ve been in any kind of fantasy community these last days, you should have already heard about it. Basically unannounced a pilot episode for a possible Wheel of Time TV series was aired Monday. It can be found on youtube, but I’m not sure I should encourage you to actually watch it. You can find it below, but I suggest you don’t get your hopes up…

There’s a reason why it wasn’t known beforehand. I mean, if anyone had announced a pilot episode for The Wheel of Time, it would have created a massive stir in the fantasy world and maybe even among the fans of Game of Thrones.

Why? Because of the just mentioned TV series.

Game of Thrones has set new standards as to what a fantasy TV series can be. It has a large fan base and it’s no stab in the dark thinking that another high-profile fantasy TV series could profit from Game of Throne’s success and appeal to its large fan base. As The Wheel of Times is an incredible prolific fantasy series, its filmization holds much promise.

Sadly, the “pilot” is a D Movie production about the beginning of this famous series, the madness of Lews Therin Telamon and the breaking of the world. Having watched it (and taken a couple of days to cool off again) I’d say that an amateur team of teenage movie enthusiasts could have done a better job. The pilot episode is a spit in the face to every fan of the Wheel of Time series. It’s horrific to watch, lacking anything that would make it interesting. It doesn’t even manage to stay very close to the actual scene.

It’s not only that this pilot episode is entirely visually unappealing. Neither does it hold anything interesting and seems to have been made without the use of any budget at all. What irked me the most were the actors; utterly unable to convey any kind of feelings, utterly devoid of any kind of skill in their chosen craft, fully shooting past the emotions in this so very important scene for both characters. No spite, no despair, no rage, no nothing. It’s a sad day indeed when such an abomination actually gets made and shown in TV.

So why was it made?

The prevalent opinions is that the rights to the Wheel of Time TV series would have reverted back in only a few days if no progress had been made. With a “pilot” episode, no matter how ridiculous it might be, these rights stay with Red Eagle Entertainment.

As the rights itself are quite valuable, that step can be understood from an economical standpoint. Red Eagle Entertainment would not have wanted to give up these rights and took this step as a last measure, it seems.

Rick Selvage, CEO of Red Eagle Entertainment, says on io9:

a pilot for a high-budget production television series

The pilot was anything but “high-budget” and as such the quote seems rather far from the truth. I for one have no high hopes for such a series when the “pilot” episode gets aired in the dead of night on an obscure channel apparently focused in comedy without any kind of prior announcement (as if they themselves were ashamed of what they had created). Well, you could probably see the pilot as some sort of twisted comedy…

This behavior shines no bright light on Red Eagle Entertainment and the persons in charge of the decision and making the pilot episode. I for one hope they have nothing to do with any possible Wheel of Time TV series.

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